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What Is Hard Disk Media?

Hard Disk drives are a family of non-volatile memory, which means that they have the ability to retain stored data even when powered off. Hard disk media is one of the primary medium in HDD for memory storage in computers. It is commonly formulated on an aluminium or glass substrate base. Thin films of magnetic alloys are then sputtered on to the substrate and this will contain all the memory in the form of magnetic bits. Just imagine a pizza with everything on it! The orientation of magnetic bits determines the output signals which are then translated into binary signals for the computer to decipher information. Often media development progresses hand in hand with drive channel and head development. Showa Denko is currently in its 9th generation of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) media producing media for 14TB (3.5") and 1~2TB (2.5") drives.

Hard disk media come in several sizes, or form factors, depending on their application. Desktop PCs and home consumer electronics use the 3.5" form factor while laptop notebooks , game consoles employ smaller form factors like 2.5" media. Another burgeoning market in need for mass data storage is Near Line HDD in data centers which typically contain all the active and archive data in the cloud computing. Every time you post something on social media it probably gets stored away in a data center archive on a Hard Disk!