Showa Denko Global Network

Career Opportunities

If you possess the below characteristics and are interested to join our dynamic team, do send in your application to for the available positions as listed below.

No. Position Department Closing Date
1. IT Engineer I IT
2. Engineering Assistant - QA QA
3. Technician I Facility
4. System Engineer I IT
5. Purchasing Officer / Asst. Officer Purchasing
6. Store Keeper Warehouse
7. IT Engineering Assistant (Infrastructure) IT
8. Manufacturing Technician Manufacturing
9. Manufacturing Engineering Assistant Manufacturing
10. Customer Solution Engineering Assistant CS
11. RPA Engineer DM
12. Water Specialist Facility
13. Water Technologies Facility

It has been great to see the quick application of innovative ideas into product by applying engineering and science skills through strong motivation and encouragement in enjoyable working environment in Showa Denko. A passionate individual can realize the achieving of goals with collective team efforts in diversity in Showa Denko.

Dr Amarendra K. Singh
RD Manager

Our company values staff and we are each given the opportunity to shine in our own fields.

Mr. Tew Chee Sing
Dept Manager, DX Division

I feel safe to work in Showa Denko, our trainers and supervisors treat us well and with respect, they teach us patiently and allow us to learn.

Ms. Yap Nyuk Kian
Production Technician

Under the umbrella of the dynamic Showa Denko Group established since year 1908, Showa Denko HD is the number one independent hard disk media manufacturer in the world.

In Singapore we house our largest manufacturing facility amongst the rest of our Hard Disk units in Taiwan, Japan Ichihara and Yamagata. Of course, what contributes to our success today is our vibrant and hardworking workforce. Never a believer of “one-size fits all”, we have in place customizable career path between managerial and technical professional to provide opportunities for our members to grow with the company.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we consistently maintain a policy of hiring and developing employees without discrimination.

Sought after Profiles:
• Good adaptability in a multi-cultural and diverse working environment.
• Self motivated, takes initiative in constant improvement.
• Able to think out of the box and provide innovative solutions.
• Positive and able to see challenges as opportunities.
• Diligent and makes proactive contribution as a team member.

SHDS is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and is strongly opposed to slavery
and trafficking of personnel.
(SHDS has pledged Fair Employment Practices with TAFEP. For more information click here.)