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SHDS Personal Data Protection Policy

Showa Denko HD Singapore Pte Ltd (SHDS) is committed to protect the personal data of its employees, contractors and visitors according to the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012, an act which establishes a data protection law that comprises various rules governing the collection, use, disclosure and care of personal data. It recognizes both the rights of individuals to protect their personal data including rights of access and correction; and the needs of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal data for legitimate and reasonable purposes.

1) Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

SHDS has or will collect, use and disclose one or all of the following types of personal information from stakeholders like applicants, employees, visitors and contractors:

Name, gender, date of birth, citizenship, marital status, nationality, race, ethnic origin, identification card/ passport details, qualifications, occupation, employer, former employer(s), photographs or other images.
Contact Details such as home address, home phone number and mobile number, email address, employer address, office number.
Any such information as we deem necessary or appropriate from time to time in connection with the stakeholder’s relationship with us.


SHDS shall obtain consent of its applicants, employees, visitors and contractors before collecting, using and disclosing his or her personal data. Furthermore, we shall only disclose the minimum amount of information which we deem necessary for the Purpose and only with the individual’s consent.


SHDS shall collect, use and disclose the personal data that have been provided to us for purposes relating to employment, security, training or regulatory and legal obligations.

2) Access and Correction of Personal Data

SHDS shall provide an individual, upon request, with his or her personal data and information about the ways in which the personal data has been or may have been used or disclosed during the past 1 year.

SHDS stakeholders have the right to update and/ or correct an error or omission in their personal data from time to time by giving written notice to us with supporting documents to verify the request.

3) Care of Personal Data

Accuracy of Personal Data

SHDS shall ensure personal information details are accurate, complete and up-to-date when collecting them.

Retention of Personal Data

SHDS shall retain the Personal data of applicants, employees, visitors, contractors for a reasonable period of time in accordance with its original purpose or until request is received to delete the Personal Data, or as required by law.

Protection and Data Transfer of Personal Data

SHDS shall keep and process collected personal data in a secure manner and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that such information is kept confidential. We shall implement the legally mandated and/or appropriate administrative and security safeguards and procedures in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations; in order to prevent the unauthorized or unlawful processing of, or the accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, such Personal Data. In addition, SHDS shall transfer and share personal data to affiliates and/ or associated companies, third party service only upon consent of individual and shall be under the same conditions of confidentiality and levels of security.

4) Amendments

SHDS reserves the right to amend its personal data protection policy and the information it has published in relation to the said policy from time to time. If changes are made to this Personal Data Protection Policy or the way in which we use personal data, SHDS shall try its best to notify affected parties.

5) Feedback

SHDS has appointed a Data Protection Officer to oversee the compliance of the company to the PDPA as and when they come into effect.

Should there be any feedback, complaints, requests or any other inquiries relating to personal data, one may contact our Data Protection Officer at 6309 2070 or email at

Personal Data Protection Report Format

Appendix 1: Personal Data Access Request Form

Appendix 2: Withdrawal of Consent Form

Appendix 3: Feedback and Complaint Form

Personal Data Protection Communication Channel

Withdrawal of Consent, Personal Data Access Request and Feedback are encouraged to be make in writing using the report format provided in SHDS website and send to below email address, correspondence address of the Data Protection Officer.

Email Address:

Mail address : Showa Denko HD Singapore Pte Ltd

2, Pioneer Crescent, Singapore 628553
Attention: Data Protection Officer