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  • Corporate Vision

    We at the Showa Denko Group will provide products and services that are useful and safe and exceed our customers' expectations, thereby enhancing the value of the Group, giving satisfaction to our shareholders and contributing to the sound growth of international society as a responsible corporate citizen.

    Code of Conduct

    Our Code of Conduct

    1. Basic ideas:

    1.1 Ethics and compliance
    1.2 Responsible care
    1.3 Diversity and inclusion
    1.4 Innovation
    1.5 Creating shared value

    2. Management that respects human rights:

    2.1 Understanding the international covenants on human rights
    2.2 Prohibition of unfair discrimination
    2.3 Consideration to socially vulnerable people
    2.4 Elimination of forced labor and child labor
    2.5 Establishment of human rights due diligence

    3. Efforts against environmental problems:

    3.1 Responding to climate change
    3.2 Realization of a recycling-oriented society
    3.3 Promotion of measures against environmental risks
    3.4 Efforts for preservation of biodiversity

    4. Social participation and contribution to local communities:

    4.1 Communication with local communities
    4.2 Support for solution of social issues
    4.3 Responsible engagement with politics and administration
    4.4 Measures against disaster risks and support for reconstruction

    5. Ensuring safety and peace of mind related to products and services:

    5.1 Marketing in light of safety and peace of mind
    5.2 Technology development for improvement of safety and peace of mind
    5.3 Provision of safety and peace of mind
    5.4 Access to information on safety and peace of mind

    6. Fair trade with integrity:

    6.1 Anti-corruption
    6.2 Compliance with competition laws
    6.3 Security and export control
    6.4 Responsible procurement

    7. Fair and healthy employment and work:

    7.1 Fair employment practices
    7.2 Respect for human rights in the workplace
    7.3 Highest priority on safety
    7.4 Decent work

    8. Handling of company assets:

    8.1 Preservation of company assets
    8.2 Respect for intellectual property
    8.3 Protection of personal information
    8.4 Ensuring information security

    9. Information disclosure and public relations:

    9.1 Timely and appropriate information disclosure
    9.2 Accurate recording and reporting
    9.3 Conversations with shareholders and investors
    9.4 Dealing with the media and public statements

  • Ethics Policy

    SHDS strive to conduct its business responsibly, ethically and with the highest integrity.

    Our Company pledges to continuously improve in:

    Undertaking fair business practices on advertising and competition and respect for intellectual property to avoid improper advantage over stakeholders and employees.
    Maintaining corporate transparency via accurate disclosures of information.
    Protecting Privacy and Identity information.
    Supporting Conflict-free minerals activities.

  • HR Policy

    SHDS is dedicated to continuously enrich the workplace, strengthen the communities where we operate and comply with applicable legal and other requirements.

    We are committed to provide employees with:
    Working environment that is characterized by mutual respect, non-discrimination, independent & creative thinking.
    Working hours, wages and benefits system that complies with all applicable local legislations.

    Our Company pledge that:
    All our employees shall be employed on a freely chosen basis.
    All our employees shall enjoy freedom of association and be offered equal opportunities for development without discrimination.
    Child labor is strictly prohibited.

  • Quality Policy

    We as a manufacturer of high-capacity HD media believe in:
    • Quality
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Contribution to Society

    We provide our customers with quality products manufactured by an efficient and effective Quality System.

    We commit to introduce new and improved products to the market to meet the needs of the customer.

    We commit to comply and continually improve with our quality management system and to meet applicable requirements.

  • Environmental Occupational Health and Safety Policy

    We as a manufacturer of high-capacity HD media are committed to comply with our Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety (EOH&S) Management System. We shall manage activities, products and services in an appropriate manner to the protection of the environmental and to safeguard Occupational Health and Safety of all personnel.

    We pledge to:

    Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill-health.
    Protect the environment, prevention of pollution and conserve natural resources.
    Fulfil compliance obligations relating to applicable legal and other requirements.
    Eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks.
    Promote consultation and participation of workers, and, where they exist, workers' representatives.
    Communicate and promote EOH&S awareness and training to all employees and interested parties.
    Promote continual improvement.