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3.5" Aluminium Hard Disk Media

Hard disk media for home users applications are dominated by the 3.5" aluminium disks. Our production capability currently ranges from 100 GB to 2 TB per platter disks. Several platters are assembled together by drive makers to manufacture up to 2 TB drives.

Previously, Aluminium media was only used for desktop PCs. However currently, our media is also integrated into products such as personal video recorders (PVR), High definition TV (HDTV), DVDR, HDD recorders and gaming consoles, etc.

2.5" Aluminium and Glass Hard Disk Media

2.5" GHD is primarily utilized in mobile applications. The current media we produce for this purpose have memory space ranging up to 1 TB. The common end products for 2.5" media are laptop notebooks, network servers, external mobile HDD and car navigation systems, etc.